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How can I add my store logo to the Preferences popup?

The newest addition to our Design tab is the Preferences Logo. That gives you the option to upload a logo image in order to get the design of the cookie bar as close as possible to the one you have in the store.

The feature is available for the Plus and Enterprise plans users of the app and is applicable for the Classic and Modern layouts:



You can find the option for uploading the logo in the Design tab, where you can toggle ON the Show Preferences Logo button and after that Upload the image you would like to be displayed on the front end.

Bear in mind that the size limit for the image files is up to 2MB and if the one you are using is bigger, you can compress it and then upload it in the app settings.

There is also an option for uploading GIF files, however, the restriction for the size of the files mentioned above, applies to them as well.

NOTE: The logo image will not be shown for the visitors accessing the store on mobile devices.

If you have any trouble with the process or with the way the image is displaying, you can always turn to our support team at

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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