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How does the Accept All and Save my Choice buttons work in the Preferences popup?

Upon clicking the Accept ALL button your visitors will accept all cookies no matter what the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar option is set to. Similarly, if you decide to select specific cookies that you would like to accept you can do so by checking the respective checkboxes and then clicking on the “Save my choice” button. No matter which of the two buttons you click, after this action is done both the Preferences popup and the Cookie bar will be closed.

If you are running any of our paid plans, you will have the option to show an additional button in the Preferences popup, which is “Reject All”, and is available for the Classic and the Modern layouts, which you can check in the Design tab, as shown here.




Note: The button is set by default to reject all cookie groups, except for the necessary ones, regardless of the initial state of the cookie bar and the selection made in the Preferences popup. This can not be configured.

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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