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How does the cookie blocking of Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics works on the Checkout page?

Our app is blocking the cookies on each page load based on the customer's preferences or the initial state of the app.

However a flag has to be set via the Shopify's Consent Tracking API, in order for the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics cookies be blocked correctly on the Checkout page, because the script for the blocking from our app is not loaded there by default.

In order to do this, we have integrated Shopify's API in our app and this flag will be set accordingly, based on which button the customer will press and with which preferences.

If a customer has accepted all of the cookies, the flag will not block any cookies on the Checkout page. If a customer has opted out of the Marketing or Analytics cookies groups, or both - the flag will block the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics on the Checkout page.

You can find more information in regard to Shopify's API in the following URL: Customer Privacy API

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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