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Why is the click event not detected when Transcy’s Auto Switch Language is enabled?

When Transcy’s Auto Switch Language feature is enabled with the option Customer’s Location, it modifies the cookie bar’s buttons, resulting in the click event not being detected. You can see the screenshot below for reference on the option in the translation app:

In order to fix this, you need to add a script to your theme.liquid file. You can do this by following the below steps:

Navigate to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > theme.liquid, as shown in the image below:

There, you need to locate the closing </head> tag, as you can see in the image below:

Copy the content of the script file provided below and paste it above the </head>tag.

Download - Transcy Fix Script for Click Event

Save your settings.

Here is how the final result should look like:

If you need help with the process, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at: or from the "We Are Here" button at the bottom right corner of your browser.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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