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Why some of the Shopify Analytics cookies are not blocked correctly?

While checking your store for cookies in order to see which of them are currently allowed or blocked, you might notice that part of Shopify's default Analytics cookies are not blocked, even if you have opted out of the Analytics cookie group. The reason for this is most likely that in some of the requests that are being executed on your store, those cookies that are part of Shopify's Analytics suite, are set again as soon as the request is executed. The most common example is with the Cart Shopify API, which sets these cookies each time:

If you have a third-party application that might be using this or another Shopify service, then those cookies can be set multiple times on the page.

At the moment, our app is able to block those cookies only once, after that they will be set again from this or оther request. The app does not block those cookies multiple times because this might interfere with the overall Shopify Analytics on your store.

We have contacted Shopify multiple times regarding this however, they do not provide any information for this behavior, they have only advised us to not delete those cookies multiple times because of the reason mentioned above. Also, they have notified us recently that this topic is part of their roadmap, so they would notify us when they could provide additional information in regard to this and how to proceed further.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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