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12. How to translate the app?

The versatility of the Consentmo GDPR app is highlighted by its bilingual capabilities, accommodating both manual and automatic translation methods to fit the unique needs of diverse e-commerce storefronts.

For monolingual stores not leveraging translation applications, the process of translating the app's elements is straightforward. The app conveniently supports direct translation for stores where English is not the primary language and you don’t use any translation apps, you can follow the steps for translation listed below:
How to translate the app if my original/default store language is not English?

On the other hand, stores that already utilize translation apps will find seamless integration within the Consentmo GDPR app. Navigate to the Other Settings tab and select the Integrations page, where the Translation Apps section lists compatible translation applications. Each listed app comes with comprehensive, step-by-step instructions tailored to assist in the translation process, ensuring clarity and ease of use:

Translating the Consentmo GDPR using a 3rd party translation apps

Should you encounter any difficulties or require further explanation, the Consentmo support team is at your disposal. Their expert assistance can be reached via email, offering personalized support to optimize your app's language settings:

Support Contact:

Whether opting for the hands-on approach of manual translation or the streamlined convenience of automatic translation apps, the Consentmo GDPR app ensures your compliance efforts are communicated effectively in the language of your choice, reflecting the app's commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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