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Checkout Extensibility from Consentmo

Offer your customers the ability to provide consent with our cookie banner that loads inside your checkout.

Consentmo GDPR Compliance app is now giving you the option to offer a cookie bar for your store visitors in order for them to provide consent for the checkout pages as well.

Checkout UI extensions are available only to stores on a Shopify Plus plan. This means that our cookie banner cannot be displayed inside the checkout of your store if you are not on a Shopify Plus plan.

In the settings of our app, the feature is available for all Plus and Enterprise plan users.

Enabling the Cookie bar for the checkout

The feature can be found under the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Checkout block section. As you can see below, there are couple of options you have for enabling the cookie bar on the checkout pages of the store, as well as some for configuring the behavior of the banner there.

Another step that you need to take after that is to add the Consentmo - Checkout block from the theme settings as well. This can be done by navigating to the Online Store > Customize > Checkout and new customer acc > Add app block > and from there you can select the one from Consentmo.

Once the option is enabled and the checkout block is set, the visitors of the store will have the options to give their consent at the checkout pages of the store, which as we know can be crucial for tracking the events and customer behavior there as well as stats on the sales and income for the store.

How the Cookie bar looks on the checkout.

Bear in mind that due to some limitations, the design of the default cookie bar which is set in the app admin, will not be applied to the one that you have on the checkout pages. In a way, the simple design there gives the visitor the feeling that the consent banner is part of the store and the checkout process and not an annoying popup in the middle of the page, distracting them from finishing their purchase.

Where the checkout consent records can be checked

Like all the others consent records for the store, the ones given by the visitors at the checkout pages will be shown in the Consent log tab > Policy Acceptances section

In need of any assistance with the setup, do not hesitate to drop us a line at or via our Live chat.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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