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Fixing Hidden Preferences Popup Buttons

Navigating a website's cookie preferences should be a seamless experience for users. However, sometimes technical issues may arise, such as the buttons on the Preferences popup not being visible.

This can hinder the user experience and potentially affect compliance with privacy regulations. To address this, here's a simple CSS tweak you can apply to ensure that all elements in your cookie consent popup are accessible.

Steps to Make Preferences Popup Buttons Visible

Accessing Custom CSS:
Go to the Design tab in your store's backend. This section allows you to modify the appearance of various elements on your website, including the cookie consent popup.

Adding the CSS Code:
In the Custom CSS field, enter the following code snippet:

#cookieconsent\:settings {
overflow: auto; 

This code ensures that if the content of your Preferences popup exceeds the container size, a scrollbar will appear, allowing users to scroll and access all elements within the popup.

Save and Test:
After entering the code, save your changes. It's essential to then test the Preferences popup to confirm that the buttons are now visible and accessible. You can do this by visiting your website and interacting with the cookie bar as a user would.

Check on Different Devices:
With varying screen sizes and resolutions, it's crucial to ensure that the popup works seamlessly across all devices. Test on both desktop and mobile devices to confirm the buttons are accessible everywhere.

Need Further Assistance?

If the issue persists or if you encounter any other challenges, our support team is ready to assist. Contact us at, or use the Chat button at the bottom right corner of your browser. We're here to ensure your website's cookie consent management is both effective and compliant.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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