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Translating the Compliance pages

When it comes to ensuring that your online store is accessible and understandable to a global audience, translating compliance pages is a crucial step. These pages, generated by our app, contain important legal and privacy information that needs to be clearly communicated to users in their preferred language.

Methods to Translate Compliance Pages

Automated Translation:
- Navigate to the Translation tab and then to the Language For The Compliance Pages section.
- This feature is part of our paid plans, offering an easy and quick way to translate compliance pages into the language of your choice.

Manual Translation:
- For a more hands-on approach, you can manually translate the content.
- Access this by going to Online Store > Pages. Choose the compliance page you wish to edit, and switch to HTML view.
- The translatable content is found between the closing </style> tag and the opening <script> tag. Ensure not to alter any HTML elements to maintain the functionality of the page.

Manual Translation of Compliance Pages

Important Notes

- Preserving HTML Elements: Be cautious not to modify HTML elements during translation as it can lead to functional issues.
- Seeking Assistance: If you encounter any challenges or require support, our team is here to assist. Contact us at for guidance.

Why Translate Compliance Pages?

- Enhancing Accessibility: By providing compliance information in multiple languages, you cater to a diverse audience, ensuring that all visitors understand their rights and your store's policies.
- Legal Compliance: Translating these pages can also help in adhering to various regional data protection and privacy laws.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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