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8. Options for visitors to change consent

In compliance with the GDPR, which mandates that withdrawing consent should be as effortless as granting it, it is recommended to incorporate a mechanism within your online store that facilitates the revisiting and modification of cookie preferences by users.

To implement such a feature as a user of the Free or Standard plans, you might consider integrating a button or link on a specific page of your store, or perhaps even within the footer. This would effectively allow visitors to re-access the preferences popup and adjust their cookie settings as desired.

For detailed guidance on how to implement this functionality, please refer to the FAQs:

Change my cookies choice (footer link)

This resource offers insight into how users can re-engage with the preferences popup to update their cookie selections.
Add a Cookie bar Widget

This FAQ provides instructions on placing a cookie bar widget at the bottom of your store's pages, enhancing accessibility for your visitors to modify their consent.

For those on Plus and Enterprise plans, the process of reopening the cookie bar to change cookie preferences is even more streamlined and can be found within the app's settings:
Re-Open Cookie bar to change my choice

This section, located under Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Behavior, automates the option for visitors to revisit their consent decisions.

Ensuring that your customers can easily alter their cookie consent aligns with GDPR's emphasis on consent being a reversible choice, reflecting the respect for user autonomy and privacy. If you require any assistance while setting up these features or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the support team at for personalized support.

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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