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Change my cookies choice (footer link)

You can easily do that by a button or a link on a page of your preference. You just have to choose one of the examples below:


<button class="btn btn--secondary isense-reopen-widget-button" onclick="showPreferences();" aria-haspopup="dialog"
style="cursor: pointer;
color: black; 
background-color: white; 
border-color: black; 
border-radius: 0px;">Cookie Preferences</button>

In the code for the Button option you can change the colors and the rounding or the corners as per your preferences so it can match the styling of your store.


<a onclick="showPreferences();" class="isense-reopen-widget-link" role="button" tabindex="0" aria-haspopup="dialog" 
style="cursor: pointer; 
text-decoration: underline;">
 Cookie Preferences</a>

The above Link, can also be implemented as a footer menu element. Once you create a new element, the link needs to be added in the Namepart and for the Link part you can select the Home Page. You can check a reference on how this can be done below:

Note: The code will not work if you try to add it to a Legal page ( Settings > Policies ), due to limitations from Shopify, which are not allowing the Javascript code to run properly.

You may also find our articles below very helpful, in giving the customers a different options to change their cookie preferences:
”How to add a Cookie Bar Widget to the bottom of the page?”
"Is there a way to Re-Open the Cookie bar to change my choice?"

If you have any request about the styles or the design, feel free to contact our team:

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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