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App Embed integration for Consentmo GDPR app

With the new changes that Shopify has introduced with Online Store 2.0 update, they suggest the apps that inject scripts on the stores, stop the use of the Script Tag API and use the theme app extension instead.

Enabling the theme extension (app embed) will load the scripts directly from Shopify’s CDN server, meaning that it will be loaded asynchronously with all the other content of your store.

That will ensure faster loading speed and avoid any conflicts with other scripts in the store.

You can do this from the app settings, by clicking on the Enable App Embed option in the banner available once you access the app dashboard after installation.

There is also a way to enable it by accessing the theme customization option from the Online Store admin, as shown below:

Once this option is ON, the script for the app will be loaded directly from Shopify. Note that you would need to leave this option ON at all times.

If you would like to turn OFF the consent bar, you can do it from the Consentmo GDPR app settings > Dashboard > Show Cookie bar > Disable.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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