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Social Media Pixels integration for Consentmo GDPR app

There are many pixels used throughout Shopify for tracking visitors and collecting information for marketing campaigns. The most popular ones are Facebook and TikTok pixels which in the majority of cases are added via the native Sales Channels, Shopify has for this.

If that is the case with your store as well, in order to integrate full control over when these pixels are active in the store, you would need to go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Customer Privacy >and in Cookie banner section, you will be able to select which regions you wish the data for your visitors to be collected after they consent for this via the Cookie bar in your store.

Once you access the Cookie banner section you will have the option to Edit this list, and select the Recommended EU+EEA countries and add more locations there if needed, in which you want the data collection to be Collected after consent.

As our solution is fully integrated with Shopify's Consent Tracking API, once you set the above option, in addition to that, you would also need to make sure that the initial state of the cookie groups is set to initially blocked, as shown below:

This way all settings will work asynchronously and will make sure that the service will be blocked upon rejection and will be active once the visitor opts in for tracking via the Cookie bar in your store.

The settings will work the same way if the Pixels are added via the Preferences section of your Online Store tab, as shown below:

In need of assistance with this, you can always reach out to our support team at

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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