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Swym cookies integration

if you are using any of the Swym platform services you may notice that there are cookies set from it in the store which are not blocked upon the first visit of the customers in the store.

The case with the cookies set by their platform is that they need to be active for the user session for the app to be working correctly there.

As you can see in the below documentation, even if the cookies are set before consent is given via the Cookie bar in the store, your compliance will not be compromised, as the Swym platform have their own privacy settings, that meets the GDPR standards, in place.

* Learn How Swym Uses Cookies And Local Storage And How Our Apps Are GDPR Compliant

* The Swym Platform Is GDPR Compliant

As mentioned in the above pages, the cookies set by them are mostly classified as strict, and in this case you can simply add them in the Consentmo app settings as such, by using the options for this mentioned in the below guide:

Managing the Cookies of your store

The cookies which they classify as Srtict/Nessesary ones can also be viewed in the reference from their pages below:

Swym Strict/Necessary cookies

The rest of the cookies that the platform may be setting in the store are classified as Functional, and can be added in the respective category in our app as well. The most common functional cookies they are settings are the following:


Even if the cookies are set before consent in the store, as per the settings and security measures set by the Swym platform, even if the cookies hold any information that may identify the user identity, this information is encrypted and anonymized as well. Here is the exact statement from them, which again can be found in the above documents:

Information stored in preference cookies and local storage properties is anonymized. This means these cookies and local storage properties cannot be used to identify an end user. However, the information can be used to help optimize the shopper’s journey by tailoring their app experience based on their preferences.

Swym privacy statement on Preference Cookies and Local Storage

If you have any concerns on this, and want to check it further, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or via the live chat option in the app. We are here for you!

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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