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Add and manage app's metafields

Integrating a multilingual feature into your store is vital for reaching a broader audience, especially if your customer base spans across different regions. One key element to this is ensuring that your Cookie bar is also translated to match the languages offered in your store.

This often requires setting up metafields within your theme files to work in harmony with your chosen translation app.

To successfully integrate the Cookie bar with your translation app through metafields, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Translation tab and locate the Manage metafields code section.
There, you will find a straightforward three-step process: First, refresh the metafields using the provided button > copy the metafields code > visit the theme.liquid file by clicking the link provided.
Once in the theme.liquid file, paste the copied code just below the opening <head> tag to ensure it's properly integrated.
Don't forget to save your changes to finalize the setup.

Here's a visual guide to assist you through the process:

Setting up the metafields correctly allows the translation app to detect and translate the content of your Cookie bar, ensuring a seamless experience for your international customers. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, our Support team is always ready to assist you at

Our goal is to help you maintain a user-friendly, compliant, and fully accessible online store for all your customers, regardless of their language.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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