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App effect on Shopify's Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate of your store might be affected by our app if a customer chooses to block the analytics cookies, or the initial state is set to block the analytics cookies by default.

What happens is that on each page refresh only when the cookies are blocked, a session is counted in Shopify's Analytics dashboard, because the cookies are loaded initially and afterwards blocked by our app, which results in duplication of sessions.

If the sessions are duplicated, the conversion rate in the Analytics dashboard might drop, since there are more sessions than the current orders that your store has. Below you will find the variants on how this can be fixed:

Remove the cookie that is counting the sessions from our app's cookie list in the Analytics cookie group. We believe the cookie that is counting the sessions is _shopify_y since when this cookie is not blocked, the sessions are not duplicated on each page refresh. In order for you to remove it, feel free to navigate to the Cookie Information Panel, located in the Cookie Bar tab> Cookies Management section, locate the cookie and press the button Delete cookie. If you are on the Free plan, you can simply remove the cookie from the lists of cookies, that is located above the Cookie Information Panel In this way the cookie will not be blocked by our app in any way.

Change the option Initial state of the Cookie Consent Bar to allow all of the cookies by default, however we do not recommend this option since the customers should give their consent, before they are being tracked.

Make the consent bar required in a way before the customer starts browsing your site, by positioning it in the middle. In this way when the customers enter your store and press the 'Accept all' button on the consent bar, all of the cookies will be allowed. If you would like to position the consent bar in the middle, you can check the following article for more information on how you can do that:
How to blur out the store's pages until the customer gives his consent?

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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