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Avoid the loading of Google Fonts

As of this moment, our app does not provide a solution for the Google Fonts to be blocked initially before consent is given by the visitor via the Cookie bar in your store. 

The reason for that is the many different ways this service gets implemented in Shopify-based stores.

In some cases, it gets implemented automatically in the theme when you select any new font to be used in the Typography section of the theme customization settings.

The other cases, it is through a 3rd party app related to any visual and design-related solutions, which is using the service in order to function properly.

The best way to avoid any fonts being loaded from an outside source, like it is for Google fonts, as Shopify recommends, it would be best to load the fonts locally and you can do this by following the guide in the article they created on this called Shopify self-hosting & preloading fonts.

We are working towards finding a better solution to this, and we will update the FAQ section once we have more details and more suitable ways to integrate with the Google Fonts service.

If you need help оr have questions do not hesitate to contact our support team at: or from the Chat button at the bottom right corner of your browser.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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