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Can I export the data in the app?

The Consentmo app offers a streamlined process for exporting various types of data. Whether you need a record of policy acceptances, data subject requests, or deletion requests, the app facilitates easy data management and accessibility.

You can initiate the export process from the Consent Log tab. Within this section, you'll find three key areas:

Policy Acceptance
Data Subject Requests
Deletion Requests

Each of these sections includes an Export button located above the displayed results. This feature allows you to select a specific time frame for which you wish to download data, providing flexibility and convenience in handling your store's compliance data. There is also an option for the data to be backed-up on a Google drive folder.

The app currently supports exports in three file formats:

- CSV: Ideal for large datasets and compatible with most spreadsheet tools.
- XLSX: Best suited for users who primarily use Microsoft Excel.
- ODS: An open document format that works well with various office suites.

At the moment the filtering by policy for the Data Subject Requests is available for all of our paid plans. And the Date filtering is available only for the Plus or Enterprise plans.

For merchants on paid plans, additional filtering options are available. Those on the Plus or Enterprise plans can utilize the date filtering feature for an even more tailored data export experience. Furthermore, policy-based filtering for Data Subject Requests is accessible across all paid plans, enhancing your ability to manage data requests effectively.

In case you need any further guidance or encounter any issues during the export process, our support team is readily available to assist. Contact them at your convenience for personalized support and solutions -

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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