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Configure the Initial state of the Cookies in your store

You can set the Initial state of the Cookie groups by navigating to the Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Behavior section of our app settings.
Following the fundamental idea for the customer privacy laws, which is for no data to be collected before you have consent for this by the visitor/customer, we recommend all of the Cookie groups to be blocked initially in the app settings as shown below:

You can set the option for Regard the Initial State of the Cookie Bar for the Accept button to “No” as shown in the image below:
If you select - No - The "Accept" button of the Cookie Bar will accept all cookie categories regardless of the "Initial State Of The Cookie Bar" selection.

If you select - Yes - The "Accept" button of the Cookie Bar will regard the settings in the "Initial State Of The Cookie Bar" option.

You can also configure the Cookie group’s behavior when your visitor clicks the Close/X icon of the Cookie bar. The example screenshot below shows the Close/X icon’s behavior to block all the Cookie categories when the visitor clicks it.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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