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Consentmo information for my Privacy Policy

If you are looking for a clause or simply additional information which you can present to your visitors, showing them which is the consent tool the site is using for handling the data, please refer to the content below:

We employ the GDPR compliance tool, Consentmo GDPR Compliance App by iSenseLabs:
Company name: iSenseLabs
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria, professor Georgie Bradistilov street number 4
EU Registration number: 112660079
Contact email:
This tool facilitates users in providing their consent for data processing on our site, particularly for the setting of cookies, and also offers a mechanism to revoke previously granted consents. The primary goal of processing data using this tool is to gather and document the necessary consents for data processing, ensuring we remain compliant with legal requirements.
For this functionality, the use of cookies may be initiated. The data which might be compiled and forwarded to Consentmo includes: the date and time of the page access, data about the browser and device in use, an anonymized IP address, and records of opt-in and opt-out actions. This information is not shared with any third-party entities.
The processing of this data is carried out to meet a legal obligation of the GDPR laws. For additional details on data protection in the context of Consentmo, please visit: or their Privacy Policy page (

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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