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Custom email for my Compliance pages' request

Customizing the email sender for your Compliance pages' request emails adds a personal touch and enhances brand recognition. It's a simple process within the Consentmo app, available exclusively for Plus and Enterprise plan subscribers.

Adding a Custom Email Sender:
Access Design Settings: Start by navigating to the Design tab within the app. This is your gateway to various customization options, including email template settings.

Locate Email Template Settings: Within the Design tab, find the Email Template Settings field. This section allows you to personalize your email communication effectively.

Set Up Custom Email Sender: Here, you can specify a custom email address that will be used as the sender for all request emails generated from your Compliance pages. This feature ensures that your emails align with your brand identity and are easily recognizable by your customers.

Exclusive to Plus and Enterprise Plans:
Plan Upgrade for Access: This feature is a part of our enhanced offerings, available only to Plus or Enterprise plan users. If you're currently on a different plan and wish to utilize this feature, upgrading is straightforward.
Upgrade Steps: Click on the Other Settings tab, then select Upgrade Plan. Follow the given steps to switch to a plan that unlocks this feature along with other premium functionalities.
Upgrading to a higher-tier plan not only gives you access to custom email sender settings but also opens up a range of additional features designed to enhance your store's compliance and user experience.

For any queries or assistance with upgrading your plan, our support team is just an email away at Leverage the power of personalized communication to reinforce your brand's presence in every customer interaction.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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