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Differences between GDPR and CCPA-CPRA

Understanding the nuances between GDPR and CCPA-CPRA is critical for ensuring your store's compliance. Both regulations provide foundational consumer rights, such as the right to be informed, the right of access, and the right to data portability. However, there are distinctions, notably in the right to deletion (termed "erasure" under GDPR) and the right to opt-out, which is a CCPA-CPRA specification that correlates more closely with GDPR's right to withdraw consent.

Another significant difference is GDPR's requirement for prior consent, a provision not mirrored in the CCPA-CPRA. This difference underscores the importance of configuring your Cookie Consent Bar appropriately to comply with the specific legislation relevant to your customers.

To align your store with either GDPR or CCPA-CPRA compliance standards, navigate to the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar setting within the Cookie Bar tab and adjust the Cookie Bar Behavior section accordingly. This feature allows you to preset the cookie consent bar to either accept or reject cookies by default, which is a critical step in adhering to the respective laws.

For assistance in configuring these settings or any further questions about compliance, reach out to our support team at You can also use the live chat option available at the bottom right corner of your browser for immediate support.

By meticulously adjusting the settings of your Cookie Consent Bar, you can confidently manage consent in a way that respects user preferences and complies with international data protection standards.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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