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Email address for the data subject requests.

Enhance your store's privacy management by customizing email notifications for data subject requests, including Account Edits, Deletions, or "Do Not Sell My Personal Data" inquiries. Available through the General tab, this setting allows you to opt-in or out of receiving these crucial updates.

By default, notifications are sent to the Shopify store owner's email. However, for more tailored management, you can specify a different email address for receiving these notifications, ensuring that the right team member or department is alerted promptly.

This customization is found under Add Custom Email Address To Receive Data Deletion/Edit Request Notifications, offering flexibility in directing where each type of request notification is sent. Choose to consolidate all notifications to this custom email or select specific request types, streamlining your data management processes and maintaining compliance efficiently.

This feature is particularly useful for stores with dedicated privacy officers or departments handling user data requests, providing a direct line of communication and response to these important queries.

Tailor your notification settings to ensure compliance and efficient management of user requests, enhancing your store's trustworthiness and commitment to customer privacy.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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