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How can I reach the new features after upgrade?

Congrats on upgrading! In order to reach the new settings, you simply have to navigate either to the General, Cookie Bar, Design or Translation tabs. Once you do that, keep scrolling until you reach the section with the features marked with the Premium Feature label as shown below:

On hover for the padlock, you will also get information for which plans the feature is available for

From there, you will be able to access the following new settings:

General tab:

Generate new Compliance pages pages
Enable the bar for All Countries
Reset all of your customer consent preferences

Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Behavior section:

Re-open Cookie Bar Widget
Do Not Sell Personal Data option for the cookie bar

Cookie Bar tab > Cookies Management section:

Cookie Information Panel
Bulk Import/Export of cookies
Cookie Information Table

Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Scanner section:

On-Demand Cookie scanner
Scheduled Cookie scanner

Design tab:

Position > Center or Center with Blocked Content
Modify the background color and the text color of the GDPR request pages
Show your store logo in the GDPR request pages
Add custom CSS to the pages
Add custom JavaScript to the pages
Add custom email sender for the GDPR emails
Change the background color of the main button in the emails
Add custom HTML content in the beginning of the email
Add custom HTML content in the end of the email
Change the layout for the Cookie bar and Preferences popup
"Click away popup close" option for the Preferences popup
Match Theme Design

Translation tab:

Set Language For The Compliance Pages
Set Language For The Cookie Bar and the Preferences Pop-up
Google Translate Integration
Automatic metafields setup

Consent log tab:

Filter by policy for the Data Subject Requests
Filter by Consent given, Button interaction, Device, County and Date
Export records
Monthly reports - backup of data

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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