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How to use the data layer set by our app?

Once the consent bar is enabled, our app will set the consent_status event within the dataLayer object in your store. Once this event is set, you will be able to access real-time information about which cookie groups has the customer given his consent for. I.e., if a customer has opted-in for all of the cookie groups, all of the categories within the event will be set to true. Here is an example:

analytics: true
functionality: true
marketing: true
necessary: true

The easiest way to access this is by navigating to your store > Open the Inspector tools > Console > type dataLayer.

You can use this information within your Google Tag Manager to set specific events based on the information that the dataLayer contains.

Note: If you have set the consent bar to show for the customers that are browsing for the EU & Brazil only, and a customer browses from another country that is not part of the EU nor Brazil, you will see the consent\_status event set to non\_gdpr which would mean that the customer is browsing from a country outside of the EU & Brazil.

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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