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Notification after personal data change

Managing personal data efficiently is crucial for maintaining customer trust and complying with privacy laws. Our app facilitates this process by ensuring you're promptly notified whenever a customer updates their personal data.

Here’s a comprehensive look at how these notifications work and how you can tailor them to your organizational needs.

Immediate Email Notifications:

Real-Time Updates:
- Whenever a customer submits a request and alters their personal data, our system sends an immediate notification.
- This email details the updated customer data, allowing you to keep track of all changes effectively.
- Customer Data Change Notification

Custom Email Addresses:
- You have the flexibility to direct these notifications to a custom email address.
- This feature is particularly beneficial if you have a dedicated team or individual managing customer privacy.
- Setting up a custom email receiver ensures that the right personnel are alerted without delay, enhancing your data management process.

Configuration Guide:
- For detailed instructions on setting up a custom email address for notifications, refer to our guide:
"Custom email receiver of Compliance page notifications"
- This article offers a step-by-step approach to configuring your notification settings, tailored to your business requirements.

Need Assistance?

- Our support team is always at your service to assist you with setting up notifications or any other app-related queries.
- Contact us at or through the Chat button located at the bottom right corner of your browser for prompt assistance.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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