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Privacy Policy link for each language

Setting up a multilingual online store involves tailoring various elements, including legal pages like the Privacy Policy, to cater to different languages. By customizing the Privacy Policy link for each language, you ensure clarity and compliance for a diverse customer base.

Here's a detailed guide on how to implement different Privacy Policy links for each language in your store:

Script Implementation:
Begin by downloading and applying the script provided below to the head HTML element in your store's theme.liquid file. This script is crucial for redirecting users to the correct language version of your Privacy Policy.

Download Privacy Policy Link Translation Script

Language-Specific Links:
Within the script, you'll find the variable privacyPolicyLinksTranslations. Here, create an object for each language your store supports, specifying a unique Privacy Policy link for that language.

ISO Language Codes:
Each language object should have a language key, paired with the ISO code of the corresponding language. Unsure of the correct ISO code? Refer to this comprehensive list: ISO Language Codes.

Link Customization:
In each language object, add a link key with the URL of your store's Privacy Policy when translated into the respective language.

Finalizing Changes:
After inputting all necessary information, save your changes to ensure the correct Privacy Policy links are active for each language.

Here's an example of how the script might look, tailored to your specific languages and links:

Implementing this customization not only enhances user experience but also aligns your store with global privacy standards. Should you encounter any difficulties or have specific queries, our support team is readily available. Reach out via live chat within the app, email us at, or use the Chat button located at the bottom right corner of your browser for immediate assistance.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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