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Re-open the Cookie Preferences

If you would like to provide the option for your visitors to change their cookie preferences anytime, it is now available under the brand new setting called - Re-open Cookie Bar widget.

You can locate it by navigating to Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behaviour section > Re-open Cookie Bar widget.

There, you can select the widget's position and choose if you want it to appear as a Text button or an Icon.

You can check the Preview of how the Text button will look in your storefront below:

As for the Icon, you have several options to choose from the app settings below:

Here’s one of the Icon options on the storefront:

This feature is only available to Plus and Enterprise plan users.

In case you’re using the Free and Standard plan, you also have the option to re-enable the Cookie Preferences of your visitors by following the guide in the FAQ sections below:

Is there a way to show the Preferences popup after a visitor has already accepted the cookies?

How to add a Cookie bar Widget to the bottom of the page?

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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