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Resetting Your Customer’s Consent Preferences

If you’re currently using our Plus or Enterprise plans, you’ll have the option to Reset your Customer’s Consent Preferences by navigating to the General Tab > Reset customer consent preferences, as shown below:

You can refer to the following options below:

Reset All Consents - By clicking this button, it will reset all your Customer’s Consent Preferences so that the Cookie bar can be shown to them again. This is useful, especially if you made some changes to your Privacy Policy, so your visitors can accept the new terms.

Reset Partial Consent - Here, you will have the option to reset the consent for the specific Cookie groups, for example for the Marketing Category. This means that the Cookie Bar will be shown again to those visitors who rejected specifically the Marketing Cookies from the Preference popup. This is useful before you launch a new marketing campaign because it will ask again the consent of your visitors who previously rejected the marketing Cookies for better analytics results.
Schedule Reset - Here, you can start by selecting your preferred date from the calendar to reset the Consent of your customers, and after that, you can click the Reset type button and choose if you want to reset a Specific Cookie Category or select All Consent, and press the Schedule Reset button.

You will see the sample notification below once the scheduled reset is set for the date you have chosen:

You can also hover the question mark symbol to see the tooltip description of the specific button, for more information on how the option works:

Updated on: 06/08/2023

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