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Setting an “X” icon - Configuration

Enhancing your Cookie bar with an "X" icon not only refines the aesthetic appeal but also provides your site visitors with a clear, user-friendly way to interact with your consent preferences. This feature is easily activated by navigating to the Design tab and opting for Yes in the Show Close Icon setting, effectively introducing a concise and accessible "X" icon to your Cookie bar.

Upon activation, this icon integrates smoothly into your Cookie bar, offering an intuitive way for users to interact with the consent options presented. For a tailored user experience, the behavior of this "X" icon is fully customizable. Simply venture into the Cookie Bar Settings tab, select the Cookie Bar Behavior section, and define your preferences under “Action When the 'Close/X Icon' is Clicked on the Cookie bar.”

This level of customization ensures that the "X" icon's functionality aligns seamlessly with your site's specific consent strategy, enhancing user interaction without compromising compliance. Furthermore, if the preset options do not meet your unique requirements or if you encounter any challenges in the configuration process, our support team is always on standby. By providing expert guidance and solutions, we ensure that your site's consent management framework is not only compliant but also optimally aligned with your user engagement objectives.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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