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Store logo in the Preferences popup

In our ongoing effort to align the user experience of your store with its visual identity, we are excited to introduce the Preferences Logo feature. This option, found in the Design tab of our app, allows you to upload a custom logo, further harmonizing the design of the cookie bar with your store’s branding.

Availability and Applicability

- The Preferences Logo feature is exclusively available to Plus and Enterprise plan subscribers.
- It is compatible with both the Classic and Modern layouts of the cookie bar.

Layout Previews

- Classic Layout with Logo: Classic Layout Logo
- Modern Layout with Logo: Modern Layout Logo

Activating the Feature:
- In the Design tab, activate the Show Preferences Logo option.
- Enable and Upload Logo

Uploading Your Logo:
- Upload the image file (up to 2MB) to be displayed as your store’s logo.
- Note: If your image exceeds the size limit, consider compressing it before uploading.

Support for GIFs:
- Animated GIFs can also be used, adhering to the same size restriction.

Mobile Device Consideration

Note: The logo image is not displayed for visitors accessing the store on mobile devices, ensuring optimal viewing on smaller screens.

Need Assistance?

- Should you encounter any issues during the setup process or with the display of your logo, our support team is readily available to assist. Contact us at for guidance and support.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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