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Text in the Cookie bar not changing

Ensuring that the text within your store's Cookie bar and Preferences popup reflects your latest changes is crucial for maintaining accurate and compliant communication with your visitors.

If you notice that the text isn't updating after making modifications in the app settings, the issue might be tied to the app's metafields code within your theme.liquid file.

Understanding the Role of Metafields

Metafields are a powerful feature in Shopify that allows you to store additional information about various aspects of your store. In the context of our GDPR/CCPA app, metafields play a pivotal role in managing and displaying the textual content within the Cookie bar and Preferences popup.

Refreshing Metafields: A Crucial Step

When you modify any text displayed in these areas, it's essential to refresh the metafields to ensure these changes are accurately reflected on your storefront. This step is necessary because the translation app you're using might not automatically detect these updates.

How to Refresh Metafields:

Go to the Translation tab in our app's settings.
Click the Refresh Metafields button.

Refresh Metafields

This action ensures that the latest text changes are effectively pulled through to your store's front end, keeping your Cookie bar and Preferences popup up-to-date.

Need Assistance?

If you encounter any difficulties during this process or have questions, our dedicated support team is here to help. Contact us at or use the Chat button located at the bottom right corner of your browser for immediate assistance.

By staying vigilant with these updates, you ensure your store remains compliant and provides clear, accurate information to your visitors, enhancing their overall experience.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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