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The meaning behind the new plan structure

Lately, we were mainly focusing on improving the performance of the app, and here is where the new plans' structure came along. We made several tests in order to inspect the different Shopify Store plans and the amount of usage each plan can have on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

From here, we decided that the best way to deliver the app performance that we want is to implement this new plan structure. It consists of 4 plans with as follows: 

Free Plan - up to 10 000 App Impressions a month
Standard Plan - Unlimited App Impressions a month
Plus Plan (Most Popular) - Unlimited App Impressions a month
Enterprise Plan - Unlimited App Impressions a month

Am app impression in the Free plan is considered each time that the Cookie Bar is loaded on your website for your customers while browsing the store. I.e. If I land on your home page and then I go to a product page - the Cookie Bar will be loaded twice - once on your home page and once on your product page. This is considering that the customer has not interacted with the Cookie Bar on the Home Page and that is why it will load each time they load a new page on your website. You can also check our question:

How is the quota calculated? for more detailed information.

All of our paid plans comes with a 7 days Free Trial period. Meaning, that once you make the plan upgrade you have 7 days in which, if you decide to jump on a higher one or downgrade, and this is done in the 7 days after the change, you will not be charged for this plan upgrade.

You do not need to be on a Premium plan to achieve full GDPR compliance. However, the Premium plans will allow your visitors to have a more personalized experience in your store + they are suitable for stores with more than 10k app impressions a month. In order to check the perks of the paid plan, please go to the Upgrade Plan tab in the admin side of the app.

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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