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What are the 90% quota reached emails?

In the digital era, where data compliance is key, staying informed about your app's usage quota is crucial. The Consentmo app, dedicated to maintaining your store's compliance with cookie regulations, has a built-in system to monitor your quota usage if you are running the Free plan of the app.

Once you reach 85% of your plan's quota, you're sent a proactive notification.

The Significance of the 90% Quota Email

Early Alert System:
- The email serves as an early alert, indicating that you're approaching the maximum limit of app impressions permitted under your current plan.
- You can view an example email illustrating this notification:

90% Quota Email

Avoiding Compliance Gaps:
- Exceeding your quota results in the temporary deactivation of the cookie consent bar, potentially leaving your store non-compliant with data laws.
- The email includes an estimate of how soon you might reach the limit, helping you plan accordingly.

Follow-Up Reminders:
- If no plan upgrade occurs post the first notification, a second reminder follows three hours later, emphasizing the urgency.

Action Steps Post-Notification

- Plan Upgrade:
- Upon receiving the notification, consider upgrading your plan to accommodate your growing store traffic and compliance needs. This ensures uninterrupted compliance and service.
- Monitoring and Management:
- Regularly monitor your quota usage through the app's dashboard to avoid unexpected service pauses.

Seeking Assistance

- Support Availability:
- Our support team is ready to assist with any queries or concerns regarding your quota usage or plan upgrades. Reach out to us at or use the Chat button for instant support.
- Guided Solutions:
- Whether it's understanding your current quota usage or navigating through an upgrade, our team offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


In summary, the 90% quota reached email from Consentmo serves as a vital tool in managing your store's compliance effectively. It not only alerts you about your nearing quota limit but also guides you in taking timely action to ensure continuous compliance. With proactive monitoring and our dedicated support, manage your store's cookie consent seamlessly and efficiently.

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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