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What is the Language Detection feature and how exactly does it work?

Our app currently has the request pages and email for the GDPR and CCPA translated in the following languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, FI, RO, BG, SL, ES, HU, NL, CZ, HR, SV, LV, NO and LT. If your store is multilingual, our app will automatically detect the language in which the customer is currently viewing the store, and it will translate the requests and the emails in the corresponding language. This is only for the Paid plans. If a customer is viewing the store in a language that is not present, the app will use the language that is set from the settings of the app, which is located in the Translation > Set Language For The GDPR/CCPA Requests Emails And Pages.

Note that the language detection will be turned on and will work only on the Premium plans (Standard, Plus and Enterprise)

Currently, the Consent Bar and the Preferences popup can be translated with the following translation apps: Langify, GTranslate, Weglot, Translate my store, Translation Lab, Transcy and Langshop.

For more information on the relation between the GDPR/CCPA Compliance pages and the Request Emails and Request Pages, please check the following article:

What is the relation between the Compliance pages and the Request Emails and Request Pages?

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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