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When will a charge occur after the Free Trial ends?

When you start using Consentmo, you begin with a complimentary trial period. This trial is an excellent opportunity to explore the features and benefits of the app, ensuring it meets your store's GDPR/CCPA compliance needs. But what happens when this trial period ends?

Let's delve into the billing process that follows.

The Billing Process Post-Trial

Charge Initiation:
- As soon as the free trial concludes, the app automatically initiates the subscription charge.
- This transition is seamless, ensuring no disruption in your store's compliance management.

Monthly Invoicing:
- The charge for Consentmo is added to your regular Shopify billing cycle.
- You will receive a monthly invoice that consolidates all your Shopify app and subscription charges, including Consentmo. This makes it easy to track expenses in one place.

Shopify Invoice Breakdown:
- Shopify provides a detailed invoice, allowing you to see a breakdown of each charge, including the cost for Consentmo.
- For more clarity on how Shopify invoices work, you can visit their guide: Shopify Invoice Management.

Why is This Billing Structure Beneficial?

- Simplified Management:
- Having all app-related charges in one invoice simplifies financial tracking and management for your business.
- No Surprises:
- Clear, predictable billing aligned with your Shopify account ensures no surprises or hidden costs.
- Continued Compliance Assurance:
- This billing method ensures that your store remains GDPR/CCPA compliant without any interruptions or manual renewals.

Need More Information?

- Support Is Here:
- If you have questions about the billing process or need assistance post-trial, our team is ready to help. Contact us at for personalized support.
- Shopify Billing Queries:
- For general inquiries related to Shopify billing, their comprehensive support guide offers valuable insights.


Transitioning from a free trial to a subscription with Consentmo is designed to be a smooth and transparent process. By integrating the charges into your regular Shopify invoice, you can enjoy uninterrupted compliance services while managing your finances effectively. Consentmo's goal is to provide a hassle-free experience, ensuring your focus remains on growing your business, knowing that your compliance needs are continually met.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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