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10. Blur Page Before Cookie Bar Consent?

For users subscribed to a Premium plan, customizing the appearance of the cookie bar to align with your store's design is straightforward. The 'Design' tab in the app dashboard provides a suite of options to tailor the cookie bar to your preference, including its position on your webpage.

You can see exactly where to find this setting and how to adjust it in the screenshot below:

This feature ensures that your cookie bar not only serves its functional purpose but also integrates seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your store, maintaining the quality of your brand's presentation.

If you are utilizing the Free version of the app, you still have the opportunity to modify the user experience to ensure consent is given before full interaction with the store's pages. This can be achieved by creating a blurred effect over your website content until consent is provided. Although this feature is not directly accessible in the Free plan's settings, we have provided a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps you can take to implement this feature:

How to blur out the store's pages until the customer gives his consent?

Following this guide ensures that even without a Premium plan, you can maintain a high level of compliance with privacy regulations while offering a professional and user-friendly experience to your customers. Whether you're on a Free or Premium plan, our resources are designed to help you make the most out of the app's capabilities.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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