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5. Set Initial Cookie Block Settings

Managing cookies effectively is a vital aspect of ensuring your online store is compliant with various data protection regulations. When a new visitor lands on your page, you have the power to determine which cookies are active by default and which are not.

This initial cookie configuration plays a crucial role in balancing the customer experience with privacy concerns.

To configure your Cookie Bar and Preferences Popup according to your specific needs, here's a brief guide:

Log into your store’s backend and navigate to the app.
Find the section dedicated to cookie settings under the Cookie bar settings tab > Bar Behavior
Look for the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar section in the Bar behavior tab
The control you have over these cookies can significantly impact your store's compliance and the user experience. For instance, you might choose to:

Keep all cookies active until the visitor opts out.
Block analytics cookies until consent is given.
Block marketing cookies to prevent tracking before opt-in.
Block functionality cookies that may not be essential for the website's operation.

For a comprehensive explanation of each setting and the steps to implement them, refer to video below:

The video provides a detailed walkthrough of the configurations you can apply to ensure your store aligns with the desired cookie policy. Remember, the settings you choose should reflect the legal requirements of your operating regions and the preferences of your customer base.

If you're uncertain about the best configuration for your store, or if you run into any trouble while setting up, the support team is always ready to assist. Reach out via the chat support on your app dashboard or send an email directly to for more personalized guidance.

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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