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Customer Privacy section updates in Shopify

As you may have already noticed with the latest Winter Editions from Shopify, the Customer Privacy section of the stores have been changed and the options for setting them is relocated.

At the moment, in order to set these, you need to navigate to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Customer Privacy > Cookie banner section, you will be able to select which regions you wish the data for your visitors to be collected after they consent for this via the Cookie bar in your store.

Once you access the Cookie banner section you will have the option to Edit this list, and select the Recommended EU+EEA countries and add more locations there if needed, in which you want the data collection to be Collected after consent:

There you may also notice that there is a message stating the following "Some privacy apps can override configured settings and must be managed directly."
This should not concern your case, if you are already using our app in your store, as it is fully integrated with the customer privacy settings which are set in this section.

Another case you may come across is, if you get a screen with a cookie notice already set in the cookie banner section there. This may happen if for some reason you have enable the native one from Shopify, but don't fret. There is a simple solution in those cases as well.

All you need to do is to go to the More Actions option and select the Turn off cookie banner option. Once that is done you will be redirected to a popup, where it is recommended that you select the first option for Turn off cookie banner but keep selected regions enabled. This way you will be able to configure the Customer Privacy options freely. You can also refer to the exact process if this happens, below:

In this case you are wondering why should you disable the one Shopify provides and continue using our solution instead. The Consentmo GDPR Compliance app significantly elevates your store's compliance capabilities. While Shopify's built-in feature offers basic compliance, it's limited to services integrated directly through Shopify. On the other hand, Consentmo GDPR extends its protective umbrella to include third-party apps and custom scripts embedded in your theme, ensuring a more comprehensive compliance coverage including the Google Consent Mode integration.

More than just compliance, Consentmo GDPR empowers you with fully-fledged compliance pages. These pages aren't just placeholders; they actively manage and respond to data subject requests, offering a robust system for data management that Shopify's solution doesn't provide.

Understanding the Compliance pages

But it's not all about compliance. Consentmo GDPR also brings a high level of customization to the table. Your cookie consent interface shouldn't just be functional; it should resonate with your brand's aesthetic and user experience. Our solution offers an array of customization options, allowing your compliance features to blend seamlessly with your site's design.

Design changes for the Cookie bar

And these are only part of the features that distinguish our solution as a number one choice for most of the Shopify-based stores. In our app you can also find benefits like:
Cookie Information Panel
Google Translation Integration
Bots & Crawlers Blocking
Reset Consent (Fully & Partially)
Collection of consent for each visitor
Policy Acceptances record
Cookie Bar Widget
Automatic and On Demand Scanner
AWS Global CDN
Hydrogen Integration
Custom Code adjustments
Expert Support (compliance check)

In essence, if you're aiming for a top-tier compliance strategy that's as professional as your online store, Consentmo GDPR is the way to go. It's not just about meeting the basic requirements, it's about excelling in data privacy and user trust, and that's where we shine. So if you want to go pro on your compliance game, we got you.

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up this up, our support team is readily available to provide the help you need. You can drop us a line at or use our Live chat service anytime.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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