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Design changes for the Cookie bar

When it comes to customizing the appearance of your cookie bar, our platform offers a variety of options to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand's aesthetic and meets your specific needs. Here's how you can make the cookie bar your own:

Color Customization: Navigate to the Design tab, where you can alter the color scheme of your cookie bar. With a live preview feature, you can experiment with different hues and instantly see how they look in real-time, ensuring every shade complements your store's design.

Design Settings Preview

As you can see, from the Design tab, you also have the option to change the position of the cookie bar as well as change the font family for it.

By default, the Cookie bar is displayed at the bottom part of the screen. If you wish to change that, you have to navigate to Design > Position.

Text Customization: Adjust all text elements through the Cookie Bar tab by selecting the Cookie Bar Content section. Here you can personalize every message, from the initial greeting to the accept and reject button texts, ensuring clarity and consistency in your communication with customers.

Layout Customization: For those on any of our paid plans, you gain additional creative control. Within the same Design tab, you can choose from various layout options in the Bar Layout section, tailoring the cookie bar's structure to match your store's unique style.

Design Settings Layouts

Experience Different Layouts with Live Previews:

- Default Layout: A balanced, eye-catching design that provides essential information without overwhelming the user experience.

Default Layout Preview

- Classic Layout: For those who prefer a timeless look, this layout offers a straightforward and familiar approach to cookie consent.

Classic Layout Preview

- Modern Layout: Sleek and contemporary, this option is for stores looking to make a bold statement with their cookie bar design.

Modern Layout Preview

By offering these extensive customization options, our goal is to empower you to design a cookie bar that not only meets legal requirements but also seamlessly integrates into your store's environment, enhancing the user journey while upholding transparency and choice.

If you need further assistance or wish to explore more design possibilities, our support team is readily available to guide you through each step. Contact us through the in-app chat feature or email us directly at for personalized support.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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