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“Littledata ‑ Revenue Tracking” integration for Consentmo GDPR app

The “Littledata Tracking (GA4)” app is not officially integrated with our solution, however, there is a way for both services to run asynchronously in your store and work in accordance with the visitor’s consent given via the Cookie bar.

The solution LittleData offers is a system where you can integrate multiple tracking services in one place and manage them there.

As per the regulations which the customer privacy laws are enforcing for not collecting any data before the visitor/customer consents for this, you need to have all the tracking services blocked initially.

You can do this by first navigating to the LittleData dashboard and from “Settings” select the Data Pipeline option.

On the page, you will find the User Tracking Consent option, which you need to make sure is toggled on and the changes are saved.

All of the above needs to be synchronized with the settings in Shopify and the Consentmo GDPR app as well. Meaning you need to set the following:

Navigate to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Customer Privacy >and in Cookie banner section, you will be able to select which regions you wish the data for your visitors to be collected after they consent for this via the Cookie bar in your store.

Once you access the Cookie banner section you will have the option to Edit this list, and select the Recommended EU+EEA countries and add more locations there if needed, in which you want the data collection to be Collected after consent.

In addition to that you also need to change the initial state of the cookie groups in our app settings from the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behavior section > Initial State Of The Cookie Bar for all the cookie groups to be blocked initially, as shown below:

As both apps are integrated with Shopify's Customer Privacy API, once the above settings are saved, they will work seamlessly in accordance with the choice the visitor is making via the Cookie bar, and respectively block or allow the tracking of their session.

In need of assistance with this, you can always reach out to our support team at

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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