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The meaning behind the Statistics shown in the Dashboard

If you navigate to the Dashboard section of our app, you will notice the following graphics below:

The graphs under the Daily Accepted Policy and Daily Deletion Requests show the requests you have received for the past 7 days. The end of the green graph line will always show the current day, and you will see the data for the past 6 days before that.

The Quota Limit field will show you the app impressions you have so far based on the total number of impressions your monthly plan supports. This information will update every 6 hours and reset each month based on the date you installed the app (or upgraded the plan). For example, if you installed the app on the 25th of July, the quota will reset for you on the 25th of August, and you will also see how many days are left until the next quota reset.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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