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Translate Cookie Bar with Shopify Option

In order to translate our the Cookie bar by importing a CSV file containing the translations, please follow these steps:

Apply our app’s metafields code by following the instructions shown in this section of our FAQ page.

Note: Make sure to Refresh the metafields after adding them as it is mentioned in above section before you proceed to the next step.

Go to your Shopify Admin.

Open your store’s settings by clicking on the Settings button on the bottom left side of the screen.

A new page will open with a list of the sections for your store’s settings. Select the Languages section.

Click on the Export button located at the top of your screen.

A new window will pop up with the export settings. For Language - choose All Languages, for the Content setting - choose All and make sure that Metafields checkbox is marked, and for the File settings - make sure to pick the option - CSV for Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet program as shown in this example:

A CSV file with the translations will be sent to your store’s email address. Open that CSV file and translate our app’s content into every language listed as shown in this example:

Click on the Import button in the Language section and import the modified CSV file.

A new window will pop up with the import settings. Make sure that the checkbox Overwrite any existing translations for this language is not checked unless you want to overwrite your theme’s current translations, and click on the Upload and continue button as shown in this example:

An email will be sent to the store admin that will contain the updates made to your store’s translations.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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