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Understanding the Compliance pages

The Compliance pages will give the option for your customers to submit requests for Editing Account Information, Exporting Order Details, Requesting a Report, and Data Erasure. These are all the necessary types of requests your store needs in order to be compliant with the Privacy Policy Law.

We have already automated the process for your convenience, and our app handles all the requests through the Compliance pages’ functionalities. The only requests that require your action as the shop admin are the “Deletion” and the “Do not Sell requests.” You will also receive the notification of these requests via email and check the records in the Consent log tab.

In order to see how to handle such requests, please follow the guide in our FAQ sections below:

What should I do after receiving a request for customer account deletion?
What should I do when receiving a “Do Not Sell my information” request?

This is how the GDPR Compliance page looks like in your storefront.

Here is an example of how you can submit a request for Editing Personal Account Information:

Click on Edit your Account Information

Enter your email address and click on Submit

Confirm your consent to giving your email and IP address for the purpose of the request.

You can follow the same process of submitting requests for the following sections: Data Portability, Access to Personal Data, and the Right to be Forgotten section of the Compliance pages.

For more information on how our Compliance pages work in your store, check our article:
What is the relation between the GDPR/CCPA Compliance pages and the Request Emails and Request Pages?

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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