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What should I do if I update my store theme?

Updating your Shopify store theme is a common practice to keep your online presence fresh and engaging. However, it often raises concerns about the functionality of essential apps like GDPR/CCPA compliance tools.

With Consentmo, rest assured that your transition to a new theme is smooth and your compliance is uninterrupted.

Key Steps After a Theme Update

App Embed Activation:
- Post-theme update, it's crucial to ensure that Consentmo's cookie bar is active and functioning correctly.
- For stores utilizing the app embed option, re-enabling this feature in the new theme settings is necessary.
- Detailed guidance is available in our article: Activating Cookie Bar via App Embed.

Reapplying Customizations:
- If you had any custom blocking scripts or metafields integrated into your previous theme for functionalities like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel blocking, these would need to be reapplied.
- This ensures that all your custom settings and compliance measures are retained in the new theme.

Why Choose Consentmo for GDPR/CCPA Compliance?

- Flexibility Across Themes:
- Consentmo's design ensures that your compliance tools adapt to theme changes without hassle.
- Ease of Use:
- Simple, user-friendly interfaces and instructions make managing compliance straightforward.
- Continuous Compliance:
- With Consentmo, you maintain uninterrupted compliance, crucial for building trust with your customers.

Need Assistance?

- Support at Your Service:
- Our dedicated support team is just a click away. Reach out to us at or via the Chat button for real-time assistance.
- Tailored Solutions:
- Whether you need help re-enabling app embeds or reapplying custom scripts, our team provides bespoke solutions to align with your store's needs.


Updating your Shopify store's theme should not be a roadblock to maintaining GDPR/CCPA compliance. With Consentmo, you have the assurance of a seamless transition, keeping your compliance tools effective and intact. Stay ahead in the digital marketplace by ensuring continuous compliance and a fresh store look, all while enjoying the ease and support offered by Consentmo.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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