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Why the Cookie bar is not shown in my store?

⚠️Before testing the preview of the Cookie bar in your store, please make sure to enable the App Embed option for the Consentmo GDPR app in the store settings as shown in the following article:
How to activate the Cookie bar to load via app embed block?
That will set the script of the app to be loaded from a Shopify CDN server, asynchronously with all the other content of your store, and will prevent conflicts with other scripts loading on the webpage.

There are a few possible reasons why the Cookie bar is not shown on the front end:

1. The app is not enabled:
As a first step, please make sure that the app main setting in Dashboard > Show Cookie Bar is set to Enabled.

2. The location from where you are testing:
Note: Please check the success banner in the app to see if you have enabled the cookie bar to show for your location. If that is not the case, you will see the following message there:

Bear in mind that the Free plan allows you to enable the app on the following locations: EU/EEA countries, Brazil, the state of California, the state of Virginia, the state of Colorado, the state of Connecticut, the state of Utah, Japan and Canada. These are the locations where the GDPR/LGPD/CCPA-CPRA/VCDPA/CPA/CTDPA/UCPA/APPI and PIPEDA laws apply to. 
If you are not located in any of the mentioned countries, then the bar will not be visible to you. However, note that it will be shown to your visitors from EU/EEA countries, Brazil, California state, Colorado state, Connecticut state, Virginia state, Utah state, Japan or Canada (based on the configuration of the setting Enable For Specific Regions). In this case, in order to test how the bar looks like you can do one of the following:

- Test with a VPN service with an EU, Brazil, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, Utah Japan or Canada IP.

- Enable the app admin mode from Dashboard > Show Cookie Bar > Admin Mode. This setting will disregard the Enable For Specific Regions selection and will show the Cookie bar for you as a Shopify store admin. Note that you need to test it on the same browser where you are connected as an admin in your Shopify store. 

Note: If you would like to display the app on all of the countries you can do so by enabling the setting Enable for All Countries (available only for the Plus and Enterprise plans). 

3. You have exceeded the quota limit for your plan:
The app plans are working based on the number of app impressions per store. If you exceed the limit of the app impressions for your plan, the app will stop working, therefore the Cookie bar will not be visible. Once this happens, you will receive multiple email notifications in regard to this. It will also be indicated in the app dashboard and you will get a notification in the app settings with an upgrade option. If you decide to upgrade, the issue will be solved.

4. You have already opted-in/opted-out on the Cookie bar:

The cookie consent bar is shown once per browser session. If you have seen the Cookie bar once and clicked any of the buttons (Accept/Close) then the Cookie bar will not show again on the same browser session for you. If you would like to test, you can simply clear your browser cookies or open a new incognito/private window on your browser, and access your store from there.

We have also recorded a video on how you can check the reasons for the Cookie bar not being shown in your store. You can find it below:

If none of the above is your case, please contact our support, by opening a live chat message or send an email at

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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