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11. Close/Reject option - add, remove and configure

Understanding the functionality and configuration of consent buttons on your cookie bar is crucial for compliance with various privacy laws. To begin with, it's important to note that the 'Reject' button is not immediately visible on the cookie bar. This is by design to streamline the user experience.

However, for those who want to provide their site visitors with a clear choice to opt-out, the option to display this button is available.

To display the 'Reject' button on the cookie bar, a simple guide has been prepared:

How can I Show/Hide the Reject button on the Cookie bar?

Please note that the 'Reject' button is programmed to refuse all categories of cookies, except those that are strictly necessary for the website to function. This default setting is intentional and remains consistent irrespective of the initial configuration of the cookie bar, ensuring that necessary site functions remain unaffected by a user's choice to reject cookies.

For users who desire a customizable option, an alternative is available. Instead of a 'Reject' button, you might consider adding an 'X' icon, which can be configured to close the cookie bar. Information on how to implement this feature can be found in the FAQ:

Can I have an “X” icon on the Cookie bar and how to configure it?

In conclusion, whether you aim to adhere strictly to privacy regulations or provide a more tailored browsing experience, these resources will guide you through personalizing your cookie bar's consent options. Through these settings, you can ensure that your website's approach to user consent is both compliant and user-friendly.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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