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Cookie bar & Preferences buttons

Another important part of the setup of our solution in your store is to configure the buttons available for the visitors in the Cookie bar and the Preferences popup as well.

The ones available in the Cookie bar are Accept, Reject and Preferences.

The Accept button can be configured from the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behavior section, and you can assign what its function should be.

If you want it to accept all Cookie groups when clicked, you need to set the "Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar for the 'Accept' button" option to "No". Meaning it will disregard the initial state of the cookie groups from the section above and will accept all cookies.

The Reject button is optional and it can be enabled from the Design tab > Show Reject Button toggle. The button can not be configured and it is always rejecting all cookies once clicked by the visitor.

As you may have noticed above, there is also an option to add an "X"(close) icon for the Cookie bar. The icon can be enabled again from the Design tab > Show Close Icon toggle.

The function of the icon can be configured from the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behavior section:

The Preferences button gives the visitor more detailed options to adjust their cookie selection, by opening a separate popup containing checkboxes/switchers for the different cookie groups that they want to accept or reject.

Following the above, the buttons you have available in the Preferences popup are:

Save my choice button - when the visitor interacts with this button, the cookie groups that are ticked/selected will be accepted or rejected, according to their choice.
Accept All button - when clicked in, always accepts all cookies, disregarding the selection made for each cookie group, if it is ticked or not.
Reject All button - available for the Preferences popup in the Classic and the Modern layouts of the Cookie bar. Like the Reject button in the Cookie bar, it is not configurable and is always rejecting all cookies when clicked.

Classic layout:

Modern layout:

Another important part of the button's configuration is the text content each button has. This one can be configured from the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Content section, as shown below:

Cookie Bar buttons content:

Preferences popup buttons content:

The content for the buttons can also be added directly in the original store language if you need to add a custom text, different from the one we have in the predefined translations for the Cookie bar and its elements in the Translation tab.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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