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Our plans are no longer based on the features available in each of them that you can use to easily set the compliance of the store to address all requirements of the customer privacy laws,

The only plan we have a limit on is the Free plan, which comes with a 10 000 app impressions quota, You can check more information on this here:

How is the quota calculated?

If you decide to go with the Free plan, but during the next steps, decide that you want to take advantage of the premium features of the app, throughout the setup you have the option to go back to the plans page and select a paid option instead.

Once you are done with the plan selection, you are taken to the Quick Setup page, where you have the option to:

Select the regions for which you want the Cookie bar to be shown:

Here you have the option to set the location for which the Cookie bar will be displayed. There is also a map available for you to check which regions the different law abbreviations are corresponding with. This can also be changed at a later stage from the app settings in the General tab.

Compliance pages will be generated as well for your store, in accordance to the regions that you select during the Quick Setup process. For example, if you select only the GDPR and CCPA-CPRA regions, only these two compliance pages will be generated. If you need to create additional pages (if you miss this step during installation), you can check our FAQ section:
"I accidentally deleted my Compliance page. How can I get it back?".

Select the Design of the Cookie bar:

Once you set the regions in which the Cookie bar will be showing, you can proceed to the design part of the setup. You have the option to select several different predefined color combinations (which can be changed after installation from the Design tab) and also 3 layouts, two of which (Classic and Modern) are exclusively available to our paid plan users.

Blocking cookies:

The next step from the Quick setup is for selecting which cookie categories should be blocked initially in your store before the visitor gives their consent to be tracked. The recommended settings, that are following the fundamentals of the customer privacy laws, are for all of them to be blocked, however, it is up to you how this will be set in accordance with your local laws and your business needs.

Finish the Setup

Now that you have the basics all set up, you can review your selections and finish the process.

In this final stage of the process, you also have the option to review and edit your selections before saving them.

Other settings that you can adjust after installation are things like setting the language for the Cookie bar. This can be done from the Translation tab. If your original store language is missing there, you can check our FAQ section:
"How to translate the app if my original/default store language is not English?"

Please check our Enable App Embed section as well, as there you will find how to complete the setup of the app in the store and load the Cookie bar on the store front.

Last, but not least you can preview the Cookie bar on the storefront. You can refer also to the Success banner in the app settings which will indicate the successful implementation of the Cookie bar there. In order to preview it on your end, please make sure that you are located in any or the regions it is enabled for:

You can also check other possible reasons why the cookie bar may not be shown on your end in our FAQ section:
"Why the Cookie bar is not shown in my store?"”.

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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