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How to configure an 'Accept only necessary cookies' button on your Cookie bar?

If you would like to configure a button, which upon clicking will allow only the Strictly required cookies to be allowed, here is what you would need to do:

Set the initial state of the app to Block marketing & analytics cookies until visitor opts-in. You can do this from Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behavior section > Initial state of the Cookie Bar.
Make sure that the Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar for the 'Accept' button option is set to Yes. This option is located in the Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Behavior section as well.
Rename your current Accept button. An example would be: "Accept only necessary cookies". You can do this from Cookie Bar Settings tab > Bar Content section > Accept Button Text field.

In this way, by default when a customer enters the store for the first time, the Marketing & Analytics cookies will be blocked by default, and upon pressing the Accept button only the necessary ones will be always active. The customer can still accept other cookie groups from the Preferences Popup by selecting them manually and hitting the Accept Selected button. Alternatively, if they want to accept all cookies, that can be done through the Accept All button.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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